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Tailgate bike carrier: all you need to know

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The bicycle is very economical and easy to use means of transport. Thanks to these considerable advantages, it attracts more users in France. During the holidays, many of them try to bring their bikes. This is now made possible thanks to the tailgate bike carrier. The point in this article!

What about a tailgate bike carrier?

When the car is not fitted with a tow bar or roof racks, the tailgate bike carrier can be a quality solution. It can accommodate one to three bicycles. It should be noted, moreover, that under French law, the number of bikes to take on the bike rack with straps must not exceed three. For information, the price of a tailgate bike carrier varies between 40 and 130 euros, but the cost for high-end versions can go up to more than 200 euros.

What about bike safety on the tailgate bike carrier?

Users do not have to worry about the safety of their bikes mounted on a tailgate bike carrier when the equipment is of good quality and the correct assembly. Indeed, this bike rack is equipped with four robust straps, two small straps and a tightening wheel to hold the bikes.

However, it is advisable to equip your bicycles with an anti-theft device to optimize their safety. Also note that there are models with a theft protection system.

Advantages and disadvantages of tailgate bike carrier

Compared to other types of bicycle carriers, the tailgate bicycle carrier greatly facilitates access to bicycles when loading or unloading. Especially since this device does not affect the aerodynamics of the car. Note that a tailgate bike rack is not only used to transport the bike while traveling, it can also be useful for storing bikes at home. In this case, it hangs on the wall or on the ceiling. Some models are also foldable and can be stored easily when they are not mounted.

You should know all the same that a tailgate bike carrier is not without drawbacks. Indeed, this device tends to interfere with the rear visibility of the vehicle. Such a hitch bike rack also makes it difficult, if not impossible, to access the trunk. It is therefore never recommended to opt for this one for long journeys. In addition, over time, this model may leave marks on the car.

How to choose the best tailgate bike carrier?

Perhaps the best tailgate bike carrier is the model that fits your car. In other words, it is essential to take into account the configuration of the latter when the time comes to buy a bicycle carrier.

Then come the other criteria such as the number of bikes, their weights, the convenience of using the equipment and also the type of use. Regarding the manufacturing materials, it is preferable to choose aluminum or stainless steel models. Indeed, these are more manageable in addition to being resistant.

And to better protect the paint on your equipment against scratches, you should give preference to tailgate bike carriers fitted with rubber collars.

Tips for mounting a tailgate bike carrier

As the name suggests, the tailgate bike carrier attaches to the tailgate of a car using turnbuckles and arms. In this regard, the first thing to do is to fix the support arch and then attach the upper straps and the lower straps. After having checked the stability of the device, it only remains to mount the bikes by correctly tightening the straps.

Precautions for transporting your bicycle on the tailgate

As with any other type of bicycle carrier, a few instructions must be observed. Before hitting the road, it is necessary to check the fixation of your bicycle carrier and to ensure that the bikes are properly maintained. Although the bikes are securely attached, regular checking is important during the journey.

But it will also require that this installation does not hide the rear lights or the license plate. If this is the case, users are required to use a duplicate license plate. The latter is to be fixed on the bike carrier. Since this model of bicycle carrier is likely to reduce visibility, the driver must be particularly careful when reversing.

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