Cold smoking OR hot?

Cold smoking OR hot?A bit of history about smoking

Cold smoking OR hot? At one time, without efficient means of transport and with harsh winters, the supply of food was much more difficult. The general stores, which were then the main suppliers, did not have access to fresh produce all year round. As a result, most homes did not benefit from refrigerators and freezers. The people then had conservation techniques which constituted a primordial know-how according to this way of life. Smoking and salting.

Not so long ago, families in winter salted meat and fish. Subsequently, the food was suspended directly in the chimneys of the houses to be smoke.

Today it is no longer necessary to smoke food to keep it. With all the groceries around us, our high-capacity, high-performance refrigerators and freezers, why continue to smoke food? The answer is unequivocal: for the taste!

The taste, texture and odor of foods intensify and become richer with smoking, brining and drying. The Japanese speak of a 5 th  flavor. A flavor neither acid nor bitter, not salty or sweet; this flavor is called umami. Scientifically, this notion corresponds to glutamate.

Why not get started too, there is a whole culinary world to discover. You will find on  several recipes  from the simplest to the most complex, as tasty as each other. If you have questions we are here to help you on several social media, an important asset to acquire and perpetuate our knowledge that our ancestors did not have!

The differences between cold and hot smoking.

Hot smoking and cold smoking are two very different processes from one another but smoke is a common element. The texture will not be at all the same depending on the process used.

Cold smoking

The most important thing to know about cold smoking is that the temperature in the device where the food will be smoked should never exceed 29 degrees Celsius (84.2 degrees Fahrenheit). Personally, after researching the subject, I chose never to exceed 22 ° Celsius, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. In addition, the fat of meats and foods starting to melt above 40 ° C this characteristic is important in the smoking method since it completely changes the taste and texture of food.
During a cold smoking, the food is not cooked by heat, they are prepared for the smoker by a process called brining. The combined action of salt, then smoke will ensure their conservation and allow to consume them “raw” without danger. Foods such as smoked salmon, dried and smoked duck breast, dried pork tenderloin, etc. are often smoked cold. The smoking of cheeses is also carried out by this smoking process without heat. See our recipes smoked cold.
Cold smokers generally have a compartment that generates smoke placed outside the space where the food is smoked, as well as a pipe connecting the two devices in which the smoke passes from one to the other. This configuration makes it possible to avoid excessive heat diffusion on the food, which is beyond the degree required for cold smoking.

Several types of wood can be used for cold smoking.

Smoking is an art that can be learned. The factors that can influence the results are numerous. The methods and times of  curing and pickling , the type of smoker, the outside temperature, the humidity and the wind, are all factors likely to modify the cooking times as well as the taste and appearance of the final product. . In order to understand what gives your recipes the desired results, we recommend that you write down your methods, cooking times and ambient characteristics during your smoking sessions. You will learn to know the winning techniques as well as the ideal moments to your culinary success smoked!

Smoking hot

Hot smoking involves cooking food with heat and smoke. The temperature varies considerably from one recipe and one type of food to another. Some parts need to cook slowly at low heat and others more quickly at a high level of heat. The food exposed to smoke will gain in taste and tenderness. A cooking thermometer is a must-have tool to ensure the  safe internal temperature  of the meat. Several  types of wood can be used depending on the food and the desired taste. Smoking hot does not necessarily require a brining time since it will be cooked by the heat of the Best offset smoker under 1000. There are, however, some recipes that are better at being bruised for the taste and tenderness that this process provides.

The choice of which foods to use for hot smoking is incredibly vast, most meats and fish as well as some vegetables are easily suitable for this method of cooking. Since there is virtually no limit, it is best to use your imagination and test while having fun as you would in cooking!

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