Games for a child are an indispensable friend, it can help children develop better, if parents do not have the selection, control and direction, the game will also make their development become worse than. So how to choose games appropriately is a matter for parents to learn and consider carefully. The advice of our editors and the selection of games is sure to satisfy 3 – 7 years. Which criteria to choose games for children? ” As psychologists warn, playing is not wrong, but how do parents make the right choices, how do children get more lessons from each type of game, instead of being too passionate? too much concentration and time on the game and forget other jobs like studying, exercises, story books ….. Indeed, what criteria of choice to adopt to buy a game to his child?

Criterion # 1:

Beware of marketing offensives Often, the age markings printed by the manufacturers on the boxes are lowered for commercial reasons: we thus widen the range of potential customers! A psychologist and trainer at the National Center for Training in Games and Toy Trades in Lyon, there is a “from”, but in the other direction, it is limitless: if a child regains interest in one of his “baby” toys, why not?

Criterion 2:

Observe the aspirations of our children … Your child has never hooked with the Lego, while these Danish bricks have made the joy of your own childhood? Never mind ! No child takes a game in the same way, and there is no need to worry if he leaves it out. Some will get into action, building meticulous towers and houses, vehicles and vehicles. Others will prefer to tell stories, projecting into the game what preoccupies them: “It looks like you, you would be the student, and I would be the mistress.” And nothing is fixed in the marble. The dinosaurs that populated the first quarter of your elder’s big section may become dusty in the spring!

Criterion 3:

Limit our purchases (and those around!) It takes time to appropriate a toy. When there are too many at once, the kids can no longer play, or they quickly get bored and leave. We recommends leaving only a few toys and keeping others tidy. The time it takes for kids to own a new toy is three or four months.

Criterion 4:

What if we do not like to play? “Above all, do not force yourself! On the other hand, it is essential to give time to the game. “Today, our children have less and less time for this, their schedule is teeming with activities. But these activities, even playful, are framed. But it is essential that they experience, alone, their own resources. And that, the game allows it. “Construction of the interior life, manipulation of objects, initiation of reflection, logic, strategy, self-esteem …, the game offers a wealth of extremely rich experiences, which the child needs to grow” insists our expert .

Criterion 5:

What about “educational games”? “All games are educational, but all educational games are not fun. The game is for fun, without any specific purpose,” does not involve concerns. “To find you in the jungle of games and toys, Games, toys, and even books and DVDs, at least here everything is checked by ten kids.


Because of the 2-sided impact of the game, parents should always carefully consider to ensure a reasonable time division to keep kids’ learning and entertainment good. You may be confused between the game market with many options, and we also offer some suggestions for each stage of growth of children like how to choose best wii u games for kids, or you can also find See information about wii u games for toddlers, best Xbox one games for kids , …. With the reviews we have, we hope you will find it easier to guide your baby’s development.

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