Lotus grill

The Lotus Grill Smoke-Free Nomadic BBQ

How to use the Lotus Grill portable barbecue?

lotus grill

The barbecue is light and compact. It very easy to use.
Just put charcoal in the chimney located in the center and provided for this purpose.
A flammable gel and an integrated fan, adjustable in power
(this one works with batteries) allow us to use our barbecue in just 3 minutes!
Thanks to its carrying case, you can barbecue wherever you want!

Where can we install the LotusGrill barbecue?

You can install the barbecue on a trolley or a trolley. But the friendly side is to put it in the middle of your garden table. In fact, the exterior wall always remains cold and the grid is secured thanks to the closing hooks.
In addition, it gives smokeless indoor grill. The charcoal being enclosed in the chimney and covered with a metal plate, no grease falls on the charcoal and thus ignites.

What can we cook?

The LotusGrill barbecue allows you to cook meat as well as fish or vegetables.
Cooking is the same as with a traditional charcoal barbecue but it lacks that little smoky taste that some people like. Be careful though because the grid does not heat uniformly: it is very hot in the center and less on the sides but this allows us to be able to cook different foods at the same time.

How to clean your barbecue?

Once the tank is very cold (2H minimum), you can remove the coal from the chimney which is nothing more than dust and pass it under cold water. The chimney is the only part that cannot be cleaned.
The grid requires a little more cleaning and more particularly the metal plate because often this is where the food sticks more. The stainless steel tank is easier to clean.
However, the grid and the tub are dishwasher safe to save time.
Once washed, you can store the barbecue in its cover to protect it.

This barbecue is truly revolutionary for all those who want a user-friendly device and above all easy to use. There are accessories to really optimize this barbecue as much as possible:

  • A cast iron plate that makes a plancha on one side and the other grill
  • A baking stone to be able to make your own pizzas or a stone
  • A bell with a built-in thermometer which will allow you to obtain a stew and to keep warm after cooking.
  • Glass cover with integrated thermometer

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