Mountain bike or road bike?

Mountain bike or road bike?

Mountain bike or road bike

The road bike, as its name suggests, was designed to ride on bitumen. It was made for speed, especially with a shape that promotes good wind resistance. The frame and the rest of the equipment will be light (from 3 to 7kg), very thin tires (622mm in diameter in general). If using the road bike is on tar, it is not impossible to go to the mountains and climb laces while admiring the landscape.

MTB, short for mountain bike, allows it to go on any type of surface, even the most unfavorable and steep. This one is more suitable for forest walks or descents. It is fitted with wider tires (5 cm) to improve stability and avoid punctures. The other big advantage of mountain biking is its versatility. Nothing prevents you from climbing in the mountains on the road, then switching to a path for a very pleasant descent.

As I just told you, these two types of bikes don’t have the same use. Your choice will be based on your desire to ride either on well-marked roads or on muddy paths. So I recommend that you choose a bike that will match you and your preferences.

How to choose a road bike?
Because of the sometimes exaggerated prices of cycling equipment, choosing the right bike and equipment is essential. First, you will need to set a budget for how you will use your transportation equipment. If you want to use your road bike for leisure, count from 500 to 700 euros approximately. For a use more based on sport, you will have to pay in a price range between 700 and 1000 euros minimum. This is the case for a road bike for the mountains for example.

I will now present several points that may vary on your bike, depending on your preferences:

The framework
It all starts with the frame, the element that brings all the parts of your bike together. I am going to develop two types of materials for you which will constitute your framework. First, we have aluminum which combines solidity, rigidity and lightness. While it also has the advantage of being cheaper than other materials, it is heavier, which can be a nuisance if you have to carry your bike. In addition, aluminum absorbs shock less than carbon fiber. This second material is much lighter, more solid and rigid.

To be able to offer you this quality, you will unfortunately have to pay more. You should also know that the carbon fiber frame will be more difficult to repair than the aluminum frame. The fork should not be overlooked either. It can be made of carbon for lightness and therefore stability. It can also be made of steel for robustness. If you are looking for performance, carbon will make you happy.

After the frame itself, you will have to choose its size. For this, you will have to look at the brand you buy and according to your height and the length of your legs. I advise you not to neglect this step because it will improve your comfort.

The transmission

Now let’s go to the transmission or more commonly called the gears. Among all the transmissions you will find on the market, I can only recommend those of the most famous race bike brands such as Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo. You will have to choose a triple or a double tray. Having a very wide range, the triple allows it to adapt to any type of terrain. The double chainring, which offers equivalent results, is lighter and less cross the speed chains.

The brakes

In terms of brakes, most road bikes are fitted with rim brakes. But you can also choose disc brakes, which have a higher braking capacity. They are not to be neglected because they are the ones that will allow you to stop

The tires

This is a very important element of the bike since their weight and their rotation will affect the behavior of your cycling equipment. If the wheels are generally very thin to ride faster, the rigid ones will also increase the performance of the bike. The light tires facilitate acceleration and lower the inertia of the bike.

How to adjust a road bike?

Before you can ride and travel hundreds of kilometers with your road bike, it is important to make the right adjustments in order to adopt the best possible position.

First, I’m going to explain how to adjust your saddle so you don’t have back problems. Typically, it is said that you need to touch the ground with your toes when you are on the bike. In reality, to have the best adjustment, you have to adjust the saddle in such a way that when

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