The Tiny House: a lifestyle above all

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Tiny house

A Tiny House project must above all correspond to an alternative way of life (anti-consumption and close to ecological concerns). When it exists in addition to its main house, it can be used as a loft or an outbuilding for friends. However, its price is still important, because they are designed on demand by craftsmen and require suitable equipment (filters and water recycling, generator, solar panels, micro washing machine, etc.).

To enlarge your home while keeping the idea of ​​an independent dependency, the garden studio is the most relevant option if you do not want to lose comfort. If the unusual experience is your motivation, yurts and lodges are equally interesting alternatives.

Alternatives to Tiny Houses

Small houses on wheels are not alone in the alternative housing market. Other light constructions, unusual or not, may also be suitable for your needs.

garden studio

Garden studios

The garden studios are designed habitats of 10 to 20 square meters on one level without a building permit. They are equipped with a living room, a bathroom, a toilet, a kitchen and, for older children, a mezzanine spacious enough to accommodate a double bed and storage space.

Compared to tiny houses, the garden studio is connected to electricity, running water and waste water. This provides more comfort. The thermal insulation is more efficient and the mezzanine makes it possible to stand upright (1.79m). However, the studio is a permanent construction (removable, but not removable). Contact Greenkub (09 74 59 41 72) for more information.

House extensions

House extensions or elevations are structural work consisting of enlarging the living area of ​​the main construction. These projects systematically involve a building permit.

Compared to a Tiny House, the extension and the elevation generate a much higher cost with a risk of weakening the structure of the habitat. On the other hand, it is the option that brings the most comfort and that increases the value of the house the most.

Unusual habitats

If you are looking for a life experience more than additional square meters, other unusual accommodations are available to you:

The Mongolian Yurt

The Mongolian Yurt

This traditional Mongolian dwelling designed in wood and canvas offers a significant level of comfort despite its unique room.

The hut and the teepee

The Hut and The Teepee

The hut is a small cabin of traditional construction in wood, straw and cob for the construction of the walls. The hut offers little comfort, but it is an extremely exotic experience for a weekend.

The lodge tent

The Lodge Tent

If the safaris make you dream, the lodge tent is made for you. Despite its canvas and wooden design, it offers an exceptional level of comfort close to Western lifestyles (multiple rooms with special functions, windows, etc.).

Tree House

The Tree House

The treehouses have evolved a lot and are now very comfortable. Living high in a tree is an experience to be had at least once in your life. However, they require a lot of maintenance. Every 3 years, it must be fully straightened (floor, door frames, etc.) to adapt to changes in the tree.

The Geodesic Dome

The Geodesic Dome

Dome without an interior beam consisting of a framework of self-supporting wooden triangles. This unusual accommodation is very fashionable. We live there as in an igloo.

The Gypsy Caravan

The Gypsy Caravan

Typical traditional wooden caravan with large wheels and a stoop. They display religious engravings and other motifs from the Gypsy communities.

The wooden chalet

The Wooden Chalet

The real log chalet offers a very cozy and warm environment. Perched on a mountain or by a lake, a change of scenery is guaranteed.

the barrel

The Barrel

If you are looking to create a “Hobbit” effect, the barrel is ideal. It is actually an ecolodge resembling a barrel lying horizontally. It’s ideal for an original vacation.

tiny houseboat

Floating Huts

Accommodation from 15 to 30m2 installed on a barge.

Trailers, caravans and motorhomes


Trailers, caravans and motorhomes

The trailer is the ancestor of the Tiny House. Its very busy layout and its lack of optimization and modern comfort have diverted the interest of people looking for a mobile home. On the other hand, caravans and motorhomes are making a comeback despite their high price. This is due to the sharing and rental platforms that allow owners to repay the loan or maintenance costs.

Regarding mobile homes, they have unfortunately not changed much over the past several decades. The concept is mainly focused on the low price of construction at the expense of the quality of materials.

The layout of his house

To build or to have built, that is the question. But have you thought about optimizing the layout of an underused room, your attic or your garage? Good ideas are emerging on the subject. Fitting out your garage in the studio and moving your car under a carport, for example, is an option 3 times cheaper than a house extension!

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