Guide to buying electric bike

What electric bike to buy

Surely at this point you have a better idea of how electric bikes work and you will be wondering which one you should buy, quiet, it is a very common doubt among people, we are going to give you some tips to clear your mind.

  • What use will you give to the electric bike? Depending on that, you must choose between an electric road bike, MTB, ride, chopper, dirt bikes for kids, MTB, hybrid, enduro, urban, retro, descent …
  • How much space do you have available for the bike, where do you plan to store it? You may be interested in a folding electric bicycle for the ease of being stored and recharged.
  • What budget do you have? The money available to buy will define what range of electric bikes we can buy (low, medium, high).
Keeping these aspects in mind, your purchase will be much more successful.

Where to buy electric bicycles

The popularization of this means of transport has caused a large increase in sales. At present, there is a small problem when buying an electric bike, and in the physical stores, there is a shortage of this type of product.

From we recommend that you buy your ecological bicycle in our online store , we have the latest in electric bicycles, whether you want them cheap or high-end, here you will find the best offers and prices, with a catalog of products classified by types and brands to make your life easier.

Advantages of the electric bicycle

  1. Economical to acquire if we compare them with a combustion or electric car or motorcycle.
  2. You will help reduce the contamination of greenhouse gases, PM10 and Pm2.5 particles, as well as the decrease of carcinogenic gases such as nitrogen oxides.
  3. You will reduce your travel times within the city, because due to traffic jams in large cities there are only two really effective and fast alternatives, the subway and the bicycle.
  4. You will improve your physical condition even by riding an electric bike, as it only assists in the pedaling movement.
  5. Any traditional bicycle can be adapted using an electric conversion kit .
  6. The journey to work will be more enjoyable and you can forget about the stress and bad mood that traffic jams generate when you go by car or motorcycle.
  7. Fully customizable , choose the electric bike style that best defines you.
The reduction of local pollution becomes a very notable factor when there is a modal change in transport, from combustion vehicles to electric vehicles.

Factors to consider before buying an electric bike

Before buying your eBike you must take into account a number of factors to avoid making a mistake in the product you purchase.

Current legislation for electric bicycles in Spain

In order for your electric bicycle not to be considered as a vehicle to be registered, in need of a driver’s license and damage insurance you must comply with the following:
  • Power equal to or less than 250 W.
  • It should not have a throttle on the handle as if it were a motorcycle, but will be considered mopeds.
  • They must be approved according to the UNE-EN 15194: 2009 standard.
The bike must be equipped with a clear front light and a red rear light for times when visibility is reduced, such as in foggy days, at sunset or at night. The helmet is not mandatory within the city, unless the local City Council so decides, but interurban roads and highways you must wear it if you do not want to be fined. You must travel along the roads specifically designated for this purpose or, failing that, along the road. In case of having an accident with another vehicle or pedestrian, although having damage insurance is not mandatory, you will have to take care of paying the damages generated.

Accelerator on electric bicycle

As stated above, the bicycle must not have an accelerator, as we find it, for example, in the right fist of motorcycles. The motor of the electric bicycles assists pedaling, in no case will it work if the cyclist is not pedaling.

How much does an electric bike cost

Nowadays, as in almost all products, you can find a very wide price range. The cost of buying an electric bicycle depends on many factors, such as the quality of its finishes, the battery, the materials used, the components used on the bike … So, depending on the brand or model of bike you choose you will move on a fork that ranges from approximately 400 euros to 6000 euros. An intelligent way to save these prices is to buy an electric bicycle kit to transform your current bike into an electric bike without having to assume exorbitant prices.

How much does an electric bike weigh

It is one of the most recurring questions among customers, because depending on the weight of the same, the handling of the electric bicycle will be reduced, even making it difficult for us to load it in the car or take it home. Finding a light electric bicycle is not difficult, but assuming its cost is. The weight of the same will depend on several factors, although in general, there are two elements that most affect the total weight, the battery and the material of the frame (steel, aluminum …). So we will find a range of weights ranging from 18 kg to more than 40 kg. With the weight of the electric bike, you choose for yourself a

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of high quality

Autonomy of an electric bicycle

It is very difficult to give a value to the estimated autonomy of a bicycle, as there are many factors that will increase the value of the bicycle.
  • The condition of the wheels (bring them to the correct pressure) as well as the type of cover will decisively affect the duration of your battery, some wheels with little drawing or smooth ones will offer less rolling resistance than ones with studs.
  • The oiling chain plates and pinions is vital to make the system as efficient as possible.
  • The weight of the cyclist will significantly affect the battery life, a 100 kg cyclist will have much less autonomy than a 70 kg.
  • The terrain relief is another factor that will limit the battery life, if you live in a city with many slopes your battery will last much less than if you were in a city with a flat terrain and without large slopes.
  • The weather conditions will directly affect your battery, windy days or low temperatures your battery will not give up as many kilometers as he often did.
  • Your state of form . The electric motor assists in pedaling, therefore it is necessary that the cyclist exerts some pedaling force, depending on how you are, you will need more or less assistance from the electric motor.
  • The efficiency of the electric motor . It has been proven that, on equal terms, a motor in the central position offers better efficiency than one in the front or rear position.
  • The driver . This electrical device regulates the level of pedaling assistance you want, putting it at low power levels the battery life will be extended.
  • The capacity of the battery , which is expressed in watts / hour (Wh) will be a key factor when extending autonomy, nowadays you can find batteries with 500 Wh that give theoretical autonomies greater than 100 kilometers.
An indicative fact to keep in mind is the one that gives you the own brand of the electric bike model that you buy. You can use the free Bosch simulator to calculate the approximate autonomy of your electric bike by doing the following image.

Maximum speed of the electric bicycle

The maximum speed attainable until the electric motor is disconnected is limited by current legislation in Spain, and this is 25 km / h . You can find electric bicycles with much higher maximum speeds but then you will need a driving license, damage insurance and registration.

Specifications of the electric cycles

Surely when deciding which electric bike to buy, apart from the aesthetics and design of the same you are interested in knowing how to interpret the data of the technical data sheets to see which one has better performance. We are going to give you a very simple guide so that looking at 3 parameters you see which one has better performance.
  • In broad strokes we can say that the power and therefore the theoretical speed of it depends on the Watts (W).
  • The acceleration capacity of the electric bike is determined by the torque it develops, which is indicated in Newton per meter (Nm).
  • The autonomy is reflected in the Watts hour (Wh) , which is obtained by multiplying the installed system voltage by the hour amps.

Operation of the second-hand electric bicycle market

Other than finding a cheap mountain bike, the market for second-hand electric bikes has a long way to go, because the purchases of electric bikes are still booming, so the owners who want to sell them are still a bit scarce. As in most vehicles, once purchased they begin to lose value quickly, so you will find offers of electric bikes with prices up to 50% lower than the original price of the product.

When deciding on a second-hand product you have to assess whether you want to buy it online, in physical stores or in particular. If you decide to buy used electric bikes online there are two pages that we recommend you visit, Amazon and Aliexpress, with very interesting prices and offers. If instead you want to buy them in physical stores you should check what stores you have in the area where you live, even if you do not expect a large stock of this type of products. Finally, the other great option is a private purchase , in this case we recommend that you take a person who understands mechanics so that they do not give you a cat for a hare and that they look if they are profiles that have good ratings (wallapop, vibbo….).

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